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As your premier SEO Hero and Digital Marketing agency, we handle each marketing and advertising campaign as if it was our own.

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With highly-dedicated marketing professionals, content specialists, social media gurus, and web developers, we are truly able to put all your ideas into fruition

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We here at SEO Hero Studio know that your website is crucial to your brand identity and reputation. We take the time to understand your business strategy to fulfill your online marketing objectives.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

  • On-site optimization
  • Meta tag optimization
  • On-site linking
  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • SEO Hero Lead generation

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Socially Geared for SEO

  • Social content management
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Social advertising
  • Community management

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Seo Social Media

web design hero style

SEO Hero Style Webdesign

  • SEO Hero Web Development
  • CMS Systems
  • Intranet / Extranet design
  • Database integration
  • E-commerce platform design
  • Credit card payment gateways
  • Graphic design

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SEO Hero Content Creation

  • Semantic content creation
  • Content distribution
  • Keyword research
  • SEO Hero Blogging
  • Press release

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About SEO Hero Studio – Why We have Enrolled for the WIX SEO Hero Competition?

With the new digital age upon us, search engine optimization (SEO) is as vital as ever. From keyword analysis to social media and mobile integration, SEO Hero Studio is dedicated to help brands establish greater visibility and awareness. This results in stronger leads, recurring web traffic and business, and especially higher conversion rates and market share. With years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to propel any new or existing brand to new heights.

No matter your industry, sector, or niche – our talented SEO hero technicians have and continue to help countless clients and businesses tap into the current and burgeoning trends. One phone call or e-mail is all you need to schedule a complimentary consultation and get the ball rolling today.

SEO and Digital Marketing Experts

As your premier SEO Hero and Digital Marketing agency, we handle each marketing and advertising campaign as if it were our own. With highly-dedicated marketing professionals, content specialists, social media gurus, and web developers, we are truly able to put all your ideas into fruition. We also take a holistic approach to marketing – utilizing multiple channels and platforms to help your business and brand grow and flourish. By streamlining and centralizing services, we develop sound marketing campaigns that help our clients remain or become competitively viable in their respective niches.

Each SEO Hero marketing strategy is tailor-made to meet all client’s needs and demands. In fact, all services are focus and results orientated – and specifically designed to achieve desired results. We also stay abreast of the latest industry developments and trends, resulting in real-time and proactive results for new and existing brands. From Google and Double Click to VE, we network and collaborate with all the industry giants to help market and promote your brand to mass audiences.

SEO and Social Media Services

From new commercial upstarts to seasoned brands, we offer timely and effective SEO solutions for one and all. This includes but is not limited to:

Web Development– SEO Hero Studio specialize in new website builds with eye-catching graphics, logos, and templates that establish uniformity and consistency in design. Each site features content that is easy to scan and digest, and is fully optimized for mobile and social media integration. We also enhance existing sites with complete keyword and SEO analysis, as well as promotional videos, brand integration, and White Hat techniques that meet or exceed Google’s criteria.

Social Media Integration – no online marketing campaign is ever complete without social media integration. SEO Hero Studio agency specialize in strong profiles that extend your brands reach on the Web. This is coupled with brand messaging, daily posts, and brand promotions across Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms that generate greater traffic via  “likes” and company mentions.

Mobile Optimization – all sites and blogs must now be optimized for mobile devices. You can check whether your website mobile friendly here. We can easily optimize your pages for viewing across wireless, remote, and digital devices. This helps secure higher conversion rates, along with a stronger presence on local search results and business listings. Mobile optimization also establishes your brand as a professional entity across the board.

Content Creation – SEO Hero Studio content specialists create captivating and compelling content for websites, blogs, marketing materials, CMS, promotional items and so much more. Content is considered the only true form of traditional marketing left –and is essential for effectively promoting your products, services, and brand offerings. Our team specializes in making content easy to scan and digest, resulting in higher customer patronage and recurring business for your site and company.

Online Marketing Experts

Our SEO Hero agency is committed to excellence in all online marketing and brand awareness projects. In fact, our range of clients includes corporate retailers and business of all sizes and industries. If you are struggling with attracting new customers and clients to your brand – chances are your sites and blogs are not effectively optimized for SEO. We can help establish brand validity, awareness, and propel your pages to higher rankings on Google. With a comprehensive and cohesive range of SEO services – we deliver all aspects of competitive marketing in a timely, affordable, and results-drive manner. This includes:

·         Online Reputation Management– handling all customer inquiries, brand citations, testimonials and reviews.

·         SEO Hero Training– helping your in-house marketing teams with technical and On-Site Optimization services.

·         Digital PR and Outreach– building your brand as a competitive, respected, and reputable firm in any industry or niche.

·         SEO Insight and Analytics– handling all SEO analytics, assessments, audits, and technical applications for SEO enhancement.

·         International and Multilingual– we offer multilingual SEO services for all our international clients and customers.

·         Pay-Per-Click Advertising – specializing in all forms of PPC, e-mail marketing, geo-specific campaigns, and anything and everything your brand needs to grow in this challenging and competitive marketplace.

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Top 10 WIX SEO Hero Competition Current Rankings


55+ 50 SEO Hero : Topic Explorer Software
According to Internet archive SEO Hero Tech is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
SEO Hero is a smart SEO software and topic explorer that helps you to create efficient content strategies and highly relevant websites.
105 91 55
56+ 50 SEO Hero | Wix Contest New York Rankings, Challenge Competitors
According to Internet archive SEO Hero News is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition. 
Google, SEO, Search Marketing News & Blogs
Wix SEO Hero Competition New York Rankings, features daily search engine industry news and search engine practitioners rating
106 90 56
57+ 54 SEO Hero Challenge Featuring Search Engine Optimization Heroics from Penrod Website Design V1
According to Internet archive Penrodshero is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
The not so secret diary of TJ from
111 97 57
58+ 50 Seo hero ninja: Check rank in live, 20 to 50 Google datacenters
According to Internet archive SEO Hero Ninja is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
108 93
59+ 51 SEO Hero – FREE 1 Month SEO Trial
According to Internet archive Penrodshero is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
110 92 59
60+ 52 True SEO Hero – Using SEO For Good
According to Internet archive True Seo Hero is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
112 143 60
61+ 52 SEO HERO from zero – Heroes HQ
According to Internet archive SEO Hero From Zero is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
113 95 61
62+ 52 YOUR SEO Hero – Search Engine Optimization Dominate the Internet
According to Internet archive Your SEO Hero is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
114 96 8
63+ 52 SEO Hero Lab – SEO Hero Challenge Competition WIX
SEO Hero Lab Search Engine Optimization gurus looking to dominate, win the heroic WIX SEO challenge of ranking highly in Google in New York internet Contest. According to Internet archive SEO Hero Lab is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
115 118 63
66+ 53 SEO Hero
Do you know a SEO Hero ? Now yes, I’m challenging other SEO, It will not be easy, but we have 4th month to be in 1st page
According to Internet archive Love SEO is eligible for the WIX SEO hero competition.
119 102 66

May Google Crawl Budget Determinate How Often SEO Hero Websites Should be Crawled?

The web crawling bot of Google is called Googlebot. It is the mechanism where billions of web pages are fetched by Google to index in their search engine. An algorithm process is used by Googlebot to determine which SEO Hero website to crawl and how often. Also the number of web pages to be fetched from each site. This algorithm has rebuffed the concept of crawl budget as webmasters wish to optimize the pages crawled by Google.

Google has set a crawl limit that means the maximum number of real-time parallel connections that will be used by Googlebot to crawl your SEO Hero website. And the time it will take to fetch each page. As your server resources are used, Googlebot limits the number of connection to your site to keep it from slowing down and affecting users’ and visitors’ experience.

Then there is crawl health. It is when Google crawls the website and screens its responsiveness. If the site’s response is fast, the limit increases resulting in more connection usage for crawling. If the site is slow and further slows down when crawling begins or gives errors, the limit is reduced and Googlebot crawls the SEO Hero website less.

Googlebot does not follow the crawl-delay concept in the robots.txt file. If you wish to reduce the crawl rate of Googlebot of your website, it needs to be implemented from within the search console. You cannot increase crawling rate by setting higher limits.

By ensuring strong responsiveness of your server you can improve your crawl rate. The easiest way for this is to configure page caching solutions like CloudFare, W3 Total Cache etc. and selecting a RAM-based caching host like TMD Hosting or SiteGround. Our SEO Hero website runs on CloudFare.

Even if the crawl limit is not reached Googlebot can reduce the web pages for crawling. According to Google, the two factors that affect the crawl demand are:

  • Staleness: Google works to keep URLS from becoming stale.
  • Popularity: Popular webpages are crawled more often. A frequently shared page on social media, or that has numerous backlinks is discovered frequently as more links for page are there allowing Googlebot to enter. So hurry up SEO Heroes and start sharing your less crawled pages on social media ( if you have plenty of time 🙂 )

Factors That May Affect Crawl Budget for the SEO Hero Competition:

Numerous factors have been analyzed by Google that affect the crawl budget and consequent indexing. They are labelled as low-value-add URLs and fall into the categories below:

  • Session Identifiers: Also called faceted navigation, it’s related to the problem of duplicate content that might be created by URL parameters. With session IDS and URL parameters you could have thousands of virtually identical pages that counts toward crawl budget.
  • Soft Error Pages: Soft errors can be seen within your search console. It is bad to waste your crawl budget on pages or files that result in errors. Sometimes hundreds or thousands or errors are found due to errors in your site configuration.
  • Hacked Pages: The most common type of hacks is to inject links in your pages that uses your crawl budget sending bot away or creating hidden pages that offer outbound links.
  • Low Quality & Spam Content: These have little value for search engines. They use up your crawl budget and risk a Panda Penalty.
  • Infinite Proxies & Spaces: Think of a webpage that’s a calendar. You could click any day or go to last or next month. Each click opens a new page. Googlebot will constantly find new webpages as it jumps from one month to other this is called infinite space.

It is beneficial to know alternate URLs like hreflang or AMP along with embedded content like Java Script and CSS count toward crawl budget. If you have hundreds or thousands of pages, combining both your JavaScript and CSS into single files could largely improve your crawl budget.

Using the nofollow directives components of your site do not need to be indexed like shopping cart pages.  It will not keep them from being crawled if you have a website linking to them or a dofollow link, it can be a good strategy to think if you face a crawl budget problem.

Thinking about crawl budget if you have pages under 2000 is time waste. A well thought out site structure with no replicating content that ascertains your page rank is directed to important pages is very beneficial for the SEO Hero competition.

SEO Hero News

SEO checklist- ways to optimise your SEO Hero website

February 7, 2017

The main objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to create a special place in the search engines. You need to be in a place where people can find you. It can be done by including quality content to your website and by following specific techniques to gain attention. However, here is an SEO checklist that will help you analyze the level of efforts that are required to improve the SEO of your SEO Hero website.

1.    Analysis of target market:

Before getting in details of creating a website and the data that will be included, you have to get an overview of the target market first. The first thing you should do is the website analysis. It will include the analysis of keywords and codes that are used in other related websites. The next one is competitive analysis in which you will be examining the content keywords on the competitive websites.

2.    Research and development of keyword:

After you have completed a proper analysis of the target market, the next thing to do is to do a proper research for a keyword. The keywords should be used intelligently. They should be related to the content you are offering on your website. Developing a proper keyword is a lengthy task. You cannot just simply select the one that goes with the rhythm. Moreover, you need to describe your goals and objectives. This description will help you in developing an appropriate keyword for your website.

3.    Submission and optimization of content:

The next thing to do is to provide each page of the website with a specific title. This title will explain the exact information that is being displayed on that page. These titles will also help search engines to sort out the information of your SEO Hero website. The keywords that are being used in a website should be properly integrated into the content. It should be used in an effective way i.e. the inclusion must seem to be natural. This natural incorporation of keywords will work best for you in every way.

You can use some techniques with the help of which you can make it easier for search engines to look for your website. Create a specific sitemap for every search engine. Creating this map will be beneficial in the identification process of your SEO Hero website.

4.    Constant evaluation:

All your efforts will be of no use if you do not get yourself involved in the constant evaluation system. The reason of this evaluation is that you have to keep an eye on the progress you have achieved. Moreover, it will also provide different ways through which you can analyze the future strategies that should be adopted. The testing and measuring of results are essential for keeping track of the things that are done in a wrong way.


These are all the points that should be considered while you are trying on work on the SEO of your SEO Hero website.

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SEO Hero content- explanation and types

February 6, 2017

Before understanding the term “SEO hero” content, you need to understand this term separately. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the process of optimizing your website so that viewers can find it easily on the internet. Content, on the other hand, is the information that is to be provided on a website. So, SEO content is the information that is created with a goal to achieve a higher rank in search engines.

Types of SEO Hero content for the Wix Challenge:

The content that is incorporated for the improvement of SEO is of different types that are explained below:

1.      Blog posts:

A blog is considered to be one of the easiest ways to improve the SEO of a website. As it contains a lot of new information that will help people in getting the answers to their questions. They are more engaging and attract a lot of people in less time.

2.      Pages with SEO Hero terms:

Each website will contain some specific pages that will contain all the information about the products or services that are being offered. If this product page is made in an effective way, it can increase the SEO of your SEO Hero website.

3.      Articles:

Articles on a website will contain the information about the latest news, interviews and other related information. These articles are the major content of a website that will drive the traffic.

4.      Videos:

The content of your SEO Hero website may contain different videos that will involve the information related to the product or service you are offering. These videos are a source of information for the people who consider material reading a difficult task. One thing you should consider is that you should provide titles to these videos so that google can sort them out.

5.      Slideshow:

A slideshow is a process through which different images are displayed. These images contain information about the products and services of that specific website. Sometimes, these slides also contain images or videos. However, the presence of a slideshow within a website is the best way to increase the SEO.

6.      Guides:

Guides are the informational documents that are quite lengthy as compared to articles. These guides usually focus on the ways to use the products or services provided at that website. The reason of providing the information in form of guides is that the user will not face any problems in understanding the working of the website. However, each website may contain the content that is of high quality which in turn will contribute to the improvement of SEO.

7.      Glossaries:

There is a lot of people who use different search engines just to get the meaning of a specific term. The reason of including glossaries in the content of a website is to increase the information of the specific terms used.

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SEO Hero copywriting- explanation and elements

February 4, 2017

Copywriting is a technique through which the customers are convinced to buy a product or a service with the help of the written content. The art of creating a content that will help you in getting a higher rank in search engines and at the same time compelling the customers to get buy the available product should be mastered. SEO copywriting is about creating the information that is useful for the appropriate attraction of the customers. The content included in the SEO copywriting is specifically designed to perform two tasks at the same time.

Elements of SEO copywriting:

Implementing effective SEO copywriting strategies will help you in getting a proper traffic towards your website. However, the following elements will enable a higher rank in google.

1.      Headline:

The high quality of the content available on your website will not matter if it does not have the right headline. The start of the content will compel the reader to read the further information. As in SEO copywriting you are trying to convince the other person to buy a product or service that you are offering, your headline should be the one that stands out of the content. The impression of that headline will decide the further action of the viewer.

2.      Content:

The content of your SEO Hero website has a lot of important in SEO copywriting. All the effort that is carried out to get the attention of the customer is done just to provide them with a proper resource from where they can get the required information. For an effective SEO copywriting, it is essential that the content of your SEO hero website is of high quality and it conveys all the things that are required by the people.

3.      Site speed:

It is observed that people usually tend to close the page that takes a lot of time to get open. According to a research, if a website takes about 4 seconds to open, it will be canceled by the person. As they are provided with a lot of different opportunities on the internet, they can switch to another option in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the speed of the site the only thing that will provide the first impression of your SEO hero website.

4.      Keyword usage:

As the importance of keyword is non-negotiable in the content of a website. However, the use of keyword must be done effectively. The keyword density should be decided according to the nature of the content. The frequency of keyword usage will affect the level of interest the reader has. If there are a lot of keywords used in the content, they will be able to develop a good interest level that will be harmful to the progress of your SEO hero website.

All these elements should be considered while you are developing the content for SEO copywriting. The reason is to compel people so that they buy the product and you will get a higher rank simultaneously.

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6 Tips for selecting a perfect domain name for the SEO Hero Competition

February 3, 2017

While choosing a domain name, you will find a lot of different option present in front of you. Your main focus should be on selecting the one that will represent your brand. Due to a lot of care required in selecting a domain name for your website, here are some tips that will help you in this process.

1.    Keep it simple:

A domain name must reflect the message hidden behind it. It should be selected with a great care. The main focus should be on the simplicity of the name. The reason is to facilitate people. No fancy words or hash tag or any symbols should be used in the name to avoid any confusions.

2.    It should reflect your brand:

A brand name should be selected in a way that it should sound brand able. It means if someone listens to it or someone read it, it should give a feeling of a brand. One more thing you have to consider is, it should be something that can be remembered for a longer period of time. As the name of your SEO Hero website should be in the mind of the people for your progress, make it simple and classy.

3.    It should be pronounceable:

Before selecting a domain name, you should keep in mind the audience and the people who will be interested in using the products or services of your brand. The language used in the domain name must be understandable by the target audience so that they will be able to remember it for a longer period of time.

4.    Avoid duplication:

Before selecting and finalizing the domain name of your SEO hero website, it is important to do a proper background research. This research will include the identification that no other company has used that name or something similar before. Having a confusing name that mixes up with another brand will be harmful to the progress of your SEO hero website.

5.    Make it predictable:

As the audience is everything for your brand. The success and development of your business will depend on them. Make sure you select a domain name that predicts the information about your brand. For example, if a person hears the name, he should be able to guess what your website will focus on. This predictability will help in drawing the attention of more people.

6.    Usage of broad keyword:

Most of the times the domain names are created based on the keywords used in the content of that website. Although it is beneficial to have a domain name that will also reflect the subject matter of the content used on the same website. Moreover, it is also beneficial for improving the SEO of your SEO hero website.

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More People Have Access to the New Google Adwords Interface

February 1, 2017

Google, Head of Search Ads, Jerry Discher will be rolling out new AdWords Accounts over the next coming months. This is due to more accounts being granted ‘Alpha Access’ and gradually building out the New AdWords Interface.

On initial access, you could be taken directly to the new interface or given a notification situated in the top right corner, or at the bottom of the page, see below:


You can switch to the new interface and if you’re not familiar with it, than you can return to the old interface. Feel free to play around and go back and forth between the old and new interfaces. You will still need to do this as functionally, downloading data is still not available. A guided tour around the site will be given when the new UI is loading in a new account.

There are some useful time saving visualizations in the new interface which we think are helpful. These will let you gain access or simply  learn more about what will be coming!

More great features are constantly being introduced to the new UI. Spending time getting used to navigating around is well worth it, even if you don’t initially use it a  great deal. Take a look at the Overview Screen. There is an Advanced Bid Adjustment Menu option to the left…this is quite a new example.

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SEO Job Opportunity

January 30, 2017

This has arrived at our main seo hero office in London. I thought I will share it with the SEO Hero community. If anyone interested in this role please get in touch with our office ASAP

I have outlined how our client would initially envisage their marketing role within Tracgroup developing. I also have included the services they can personally offer and also those that would be subject to a third party cost.



The service they propose is a combination of on and off-site working, planning and delivering a marketing program to help reinforce and build Tracgroup’s brand to ultimately achieve and maintain an increase in sales. Essentially this would incorporate all marketing administration and creative costs with a few exceptions listed at the end.

The objective would be to bring clear and continuous communication of Tracgroup’s core values, what it stands for both internally and to its external customer base. This would also involve correctly positioning and communicating each of Tracgroup’s sub-brands, allowing each sub-brand to be independently marketed to a specific and targeted market sector if required.


  • Marketing planning and coordination.
  • Sales support for client presentations.
  • Photography of client installations.
  • Database build and management.
  • Email marketing to existing and potential customers.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Google re-marketing management.
  • Trade magazine advertising.
  • CRM – Customer Relationship Management – Identifying and monitoring when customers engage across email, social media.
  • Brand management – policing and developing brand use.
  • Brand Identity – ensure brand consistency for both internal and external communication.
  • Brand Development – identify how Tracgroup’s brand logo is used in isolation and in relationship with its various sub-brands.
  • Brand Colors – create a color palette of corporate colors would need to be created and colourways identified for use.
  • Typefaces – create a consistent use of typefaces across all company communication, from memos to websites.
  • Graphic Design for internet and print.
  • Vehicle graphic design.
  • Exhibition planning and designing of stands.
  • Website design and build.
  • Management of existing online store.
  • Creation and management of image library – comprising of manufactures images and photography from image libraries.



The following is a list of possible additional third party costs that would not be included: Printing, Signage, Exhibition Hardware, Creative Writing, Online advertising, Media advertising, Data lists, Website templates, Promotional items, Photographic Library.


They welcome the opportunity to work for Tracgroup at this stage in your business and would view Tracgroup as a long-term commitment. They would also take pride in marketing and growing a brand that to date has “sat under the radar”.

Tracgroup fee would be £200 per day that would be subject to VAT. I hope someone finds their proposal of interest and if you are interested in this position feel free to email us and we will pass your details to Tracgroup.

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Effective SEO tools for the SEO Hero Competition

January 29, 2017
While working on SEO, you need to know the tools that will be effective for you in this process. The tools for the SEO enables you to find new opportunities and strategies that will save your time. These new inventions will also keep you on the right track. Here are some SEO tools that you need to know:

1.    Ranking tools:

Although working on the right track is important but at the same time, you should have the information about your current rank. Knowing this is a form of evaluation. You need to evaluate your progress continuously to develop in a positive way. The Semrush ranking tool will allow you to have the information of the current situation. Moreover, it will also help you in analysing the strategy that is working best for your website.



2.    Tools for Keywords analysis:

SEO is based on keywords. Without them, it is not possible to achieve or improve the SEO of your website. That is why there is a need to create keywords that best describes your website or the products you are offering. The selection of the keyword is also a long process. Not all keywords can get you the desired results. That is why you need to have the keyword analysis tools that will help you in determining the best keyword for your website and SEO. Our favourite keyword research tool is


3.    Link building tools:

Developing a link with the websites that contains a similar content is sometimes beneficial. It helps you in improving the rank of your website. Although google will recommend that developing a link will not be a feasible thing but still it helps in many ways. When it comes  to link building tools our favourite is Ahrefs


4.    Tools for link removal:

Like the tools for building links to different websites is important, the tools for link removals are also important. There are times when you use links that are beneficial for your website but some time later you no longer require that link or often bad links can harm your website. There can be many reasons behind it. There is a possibility that you will change the subject matter of your website that is why you need to remove a link. Best and so far the only link removal tool in the market is link research tool


5.    Tools for content effectiveness:

The content of a website has a great importance in developing an SEO effective website. You need to include quality content frequently in order to get a higher rank. The content should be related to the subject matter of your website. It can be in the form or a blog, image or video. The tools to analyse the effectiveness of the content are necessary to get the idea that if you are adding something beneficial to your website.


The above tools of SEO will help you in creating a website that will get a top rank for the SEO hero competition that is organised by the, a company that provides website creating services to their clients.

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A Beginner’s guide to SEO Hero

January 28, 2017

Are you new to SEO? Do you want to take the SEO hero challenge? Before getting into the details of SEO hero challenge, you need to know what SEO is. It is a marketing strategy that is applied to increase the visibility of your website in search engines results. It is not only about building a friendly relationship with search engines but also for marketing purposes. Here are some tips that will help you in improving SEO if you are new to this field:

1.    Have a single subject matter:

If your website contains only one concept, it will be easier to increase its SEO. Focusing on one thing does not mean that you will not be able to touch other aspects. Do use other concepts but focus on only a single concept.

2.    Mention important keywords:

Choose a keyword that best describes the concept your website is about. Include it to as many places as possible. Make sure it comes in the title also.

3.    Remove problems on daily basis:

Your website may encounter a lot of problems due to small issues. You need to focus on these issues on a daily basis so that the working of your website will not slow down. Get rid of the non-essential bugs and things that are disturbing the fluency. The best tool to carry out a website health check is

4.    Use keywords in images:

Although there is a need to use your specific keywords in different places but it is best if you use that keyword in the images on your website also. It can also be included in the image title or description. You can also change the titles at regular intervals to improve your SEO.

5.    Website update:

Updating the content frequently is important. You need to remain in the limelight if you want attention. Updating the content by adding blogs, video or images is important. It will increase your ranking in the search engines.

6.    Develop a link to the relevant website:

Most of the time, linking your new website to some other one that is quite popular is beneficial in many ways. It helps in increasing the SEO of your website. By using your information, people will be able to get towards another useful source.

7.    Consider the age of URL:

Changing the name of your domain will not provide you with any benefit. The URL age of your website is a thing that needs to be maintained. If you adding a new concept every month, you will not be able to get the things done in the right way.

Now that you have all the tips required to improve the SEO of your website, you can take part in the SEO hero challenge organised by The challenge is to create a website that will be a top ranking in search engines. For that purpose, do consider the above tips and you will be able to win the cash prize.

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Win with SEO Hero and Boost Your Business

January 27, 2017

Only 25% of internet users actually go to the second page of search results from a search engine. A dramatic makeover has changed the digital landscape in the past few years but SEO still remains an effective and vital marketing strategy. There are numerous benefits of having a sound SEO strategy. SEO is not only important but a must for your business.


Compared to other methods of getting leads like advertising and social media marketing, SEO investment is affordable in numerous ways. SEO offers a cost-effective method to gain good ROI. While pay-per-click adds to revenue of your business and your customer engagement is increased with social media it is SEO that remains the foundation of your online presence.

Sound Content Profile:

In an age where content is so important, SEO ensures a sound and powerful content profile. Content is what is given the most importance by search engines and positively affects the rankings.

Delivers Definite Results:

Techniques and strategies used for SEO do wonders for the business. As long as giving the optimum user experience is the focus of the business while executing SEO strategies, there shall be a higher organic traffic on your site and a better brand positioning

Boost to Mobile Bandwidth:

Mobile devices have surpassed the desktop computers in receiving heavy traffic in the recent years. The increasing numbers of mobile phone users have given a new meaning to SEO methods and rise to new concepts and ideas.

For your business to have a strong and successful online presence, all you need to do is give time and energy to SEO.

In order to do that and polish your SEO skills Wix Website has come up with a challenge that serves as a platform for people called the SEO Hero. The prize is $50,000! All you have to do is create a website that is optimed for SEO Hero.The website gaining better response and doing even better than Wix regarding search results for the keyword shall be the winner. Eran Hurvitz, the CEO of MRKT360, is the judge of SEO Hero. The SEO Hero Challenge is a great step for SEO experts and enthusiasts to show their skills.

SEO Hero is a great idea for people to exhibit their SEO skills. The interested applicants can participate by making a website and need to rank higher for SEO Hero. From 16th November till 16th December anyone could take part in the challenge. The results shall be assessed on 31st March, 2017. Total two searches shall take place each day in 6 searches total. In case of tie, 7th search shall take place on 16th March, 2017.

There rules of SEO Hero are quite simple:

  • The website content should be in English language.
  • You need to register the domain on or after 16th
  • Participants are required to follow Google’s Guidelines for SEO.
  • A Google account should be created. Google Analytics and Google Search Console must be opened by 16th February, 2017.
  • The administrative rights should be handed over to the judge of SEO Hero Challenge.
  • Compliance to rules is a must or you shall be disqualified without notification.


Good luck!

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