6 Tips for selecting a perfect domain name for the SEO Hero Competition

February 3, 2017

While choosing a domain name, you will find a lot of different option present in front of you. Your main focus should be on selecting the one that will represent your brand. Due to a lot of care required in selecting a domain name for your website, here are some tips that will help you in this process.

1.    Keep it simple:

A domain name must reflect the message hidden behind it. It should be selected with a great care. The main focus should be on the simplicity of the name. The reason is to facilitate people. No fancy words or hash tag or any symbols should be used in the name to avoid any confusions.

2.    It should reflect your brand:

A brand name should be selected in a way that it should sound brand able. It means if someone listens to it or someone read it, it should give a feeling of a brand. One more thing you have to consider is, it should be something that can be remembered for a longer period of time. As the name of your SEO Hero website should be in the mind of the people for your progress, make it simple and classy.

3.    It should be pronounceable:

Before selecting a domain name, you should keep in mind the audience and the people who will be interested in using the products or services of your brand. The language used in the domain name must be understandable by the target audience so that they will be able to remember it for a longer period of time.

4.    Avoid duplication:

Before selecting and finalizing the domain name of your SEO hero website, it is important to do a proper background research. This research will include the identification that no other company has used that name or something similar before. Having a confusing name that mixes up with another brand will be harmful to the progress of your SEO hero website.

5.    Make it predictable:

As the audience is everything for your brand. The success and development of your business will depend on them. Make sure you select a domain name that predicts the information about your brand. For example, if a person hears the name, he should be able to guess what your website will focus on. This predictability will help in drawing the attention of more people.

6.    Usage of broad keyword:

Most of the times the domain names are created based on the keywords used in the content of that website. Although it is beneficial to have a domain name that will also reflect the subject matter of the content used on the same website. Moreover, it is also beneficial for improving the SEO of your SEO hero website.

Henry is an experienced SEO professional. He has been living in Boston and worked for the last 10 years as an SEO Manager.
With encouragement of his friends, Henry has enrolled for a competition called Wix SEO Hero challenge. In his free time, Henry loves to play his guitar and cycling.

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