Effective SEO tools for the SEO Hero Competition

effective seo tools

January 29, 2017
While working on SEO, you need to know the tools that will be effective for you in this process. The tools for the SEO enables you to find new opportunities and strategies that will save your time. These new inventions will also keep you on the right track. Here are some SEO tools that you need to know:

1.    Ranking tools:

Although working on the right track is important but at the same time, you should have the information about your current rank. Knowing this is a form of evaluation. You need to evaluate your progress continuously to develop in a positive way. The Semrush ranking tool will allow you to have the information of the current situation. Moreover, it will also help you in analysing the strategy that is working best for your website.



2.    Tools for Keywords analysis:

SEO is based on keywords. Without them, it is not possible to achieve or improve the SEO of your website. That is why there is a need to create keywords that best describes your website or the products you are offering. The selection of the keyword is also a long process. Not all keywords can get you the desired results. That is why you need to have the keyword analysis tools that will help you in determining the best keyword for your website and SEO. Our favourite keyword research tool is keywordtool.io



3.    Link building tools:

Developing a link with the websites that contains a similar content is sometimes beneficial. It helps you in improving the rank of your website. Although google will recommend that developing a link will not be a feasible thing but still it helps in many ways. When it comes  to link building tools our favourite is Ahrefs


4.    Tools for link removal:

Like the tools for building links to different websites is important, the tools for link removals are also important. There are times when you use links that are beneficial for your website but some time later you no longer require that link or often bad links can harm your website. There can be many reasons behind it. There is a possibility that you will change the subject matter of your website that is why you need to remove a link. Best and so far the only link removal tool in the market is link research tool


5.    Tools for content effectiveness:

The content of a website has a great importance in developing an SEO effective website. You need to include quality content frequently in order to get a higher rank. The content should be related to the subject matter of your website. It can be in the form or a blog, image or video. The tools to analyse the effectiveness of the content are necessary to get the idea that if you are adding something beneficial to your website.


The above tools of SEO will help you in creating a website that will get a top rank for the SEO hero competition that is organised by the Wix.com, a company that provides website creating services to their clients.

Henry is an experienced SEO professional. He has been living in Boston and worked for the last 10 years as an SEO Manager.
With encouragement of his friends, Henry has enrolled for a competition called Wix SEO Hero challenge. In his free time, Henry loves to play his guitar and cycling.

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