More People Have Access to the New Google Adwords Interface

google adwords new interface

February 1, 2017

Google, Head of Search Ads, Jerry Discher will be rolling out new AdWords Accounts over the next coming months. This is due to more accounts being granted ‘Alpha Access’ and gradually building out the New AdWords Interface.

On initial access, you could be taken directly to the new interface or given a notification situated in the top right corner, or at the bottom of the page, see below:


You can switch to the new interface and if you’re not familiar with it, than you can return to the old interface. Feel free to play around and go back and forth between the old and new interfaces. You will still need to do this as functionally, downloading data is still not available. A guided tour around the site will be given when the new UI is loading in a new account.

There are some useful time saving visualizations in the new interface which we think are helpful. These will let you gain access or simply  learn more about what will be coming!

More great features are constantly being introduced to the new UI. Spending time getting used to navigating around is well worth it, even if you don’t initially use it a  great deal. Take a look at the Overview Screen. There is an Advanced Bid Adjustment Menu option to the left…this is quite a new example.

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