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January 27, 2017

Only 25% of internet users actually go to the second page of search results from a search engine. A dramatic makeover has changed the digital landscape in the past few years but SEO still remains an effective and vital marketing strategy. There are numerous benefits of having a sound SEO strategy. SEO is not only important but a must for your business.


Compared to other methods of getting leads like advertising and social media marketing, SEO investment is affordable in numerous ways. SEO offers a cost-effective method to gain good ROI. While pay-per-click adds to revenue of your business and your customer engagement is increased with social media it is SEO that remains the foundation of your online presence.

Sound Content Profile:

In an age where content is so important, SEO ensures a sound and powerful content profile. Content is what is given the most importance by search engines and positively affects the rankings.

Delivers Definite Results:

Techniques and strategies used for SEO do wonders for the business. As long as giving the optimum user experience is the focus of the business while executing SEO strategies, there shall be a higher organic traffic on your site and a better brand positioning

Boost to Mobile Bandwidth:

Mobile devices have surpassed the desktop computers in receiving heavy traffic in the recent years. The increasing numbers of mobile phone users have given a new meaning to SEO methods and rise to new concepts and ideas.

For your business to have a strong and successful online presence, all you need to do is give time and energy to SEO.

In order to do that and polish your SEO skills Wix Website has come up with a challenge that serves as a platform for people called the SEO Hero. The prize is $50,000! All you have to do is create a website that is optimed for SEO Hero.The website gaining better response and doing even better than Wix regarding search results for the keyword shall be the winner. Eran Hurvitz, the CEO of MRKT360, is the judge of SEO Hero. The SEO Hero Challenge is a great step for SEO experts and enthusiasts to show their skills.

SEO Hero is a great idea for people to exhibit their SEO skills. The interested applicants can participate by making a website and need to rank higher for SEO Hero. From 16th November till 16th December anyone could take part in the challenge. The results shall be assessed on 31st March, 2017. Total two searches shall take place each day in 6 searches total. In case of tie, 7th search shall take place on 16th March, 2017.

There rules of SEO Hero are quite simple:

  • The website content should be in English language.
  • You need to register the domain on or after 16th
  • Participants are required to follow Google’s Guidelines for SEO.
  • A Google account should be created. Google Analytics and Google Search Console must be opened by 16th February, 2017.
  • The administrative rights should be handed over to the judge of SEO Hero Challenge.
  • Compliance to rules is a must or you shall be disqualified without notification.


Good luck!

Henry is an experienced SEO professional. He has been living in Boston and worked for the last 10 years as an SEO Manager.
With encouragement of his friends, Henry has enrolled for a competition called Wix SEO Hero challenge. In his free time, Henry loves to play his guitar and cycling.

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